Hehe, late again, just like your *insert WARNING-TMI caption here*

We're finally back at the Mansion! Well, most of us anyways. Rosa and Stefan and Lidia and Monica are almost back after their rescue mission. Lidia's very helpful friend should arrive at about the same time she does, and he's completely capable of taking care of the numerous injuries. We alos gained a new member, Ali, be nice to her, introduce yourselves, be friendly until Lid gets home, ect.

As for other important things, how did ya'll like New Moon, eh?
I know some of us have not seen it (you know who you are *coughs*David*coughs and covers blog in Purell again*) so for now, I'm putting a spoiler ban on the Mafia. Don't post any details (I'm okay with an OMG I LOVED IT! post, just nothing specific) about the movie for at least... a week? I'll anounce when we can. However, that is what the Lexicon is for- there are a plethora of New Moon threads you can post on and spoil whatever you wish without fearing of stealing people's New Moon virginity.
In essence- Don't post about New Moon!

11/21/2009 10:34

Loved it! What a great movie!

And by the way, Lucia needs a tour. With ali.

11/21/2009 11:27

Hey- y'all know as well as I do that if you haven't seen the movie yet, you'd not want to hear anything about it either. So shut up. :P

The Boss...
11/21/2009 19:10

I read the spoilers before I went... But that's just me.
I do understand, though.
So when are you going to see it David, so I know when its okay to talk about it?

11/22/2009 19:58

I don't get to see it till Wednesday :(

11/23/2009 20:48

Emmaline is hoping to see it more than twice this year. :D

11/24/2009 21:17

I hope to see at least FOUR times in theaters.

I win.

The Boss...
11/25/2009 12:52

I think I'll settle for twice. Taking extensive notes on what i hate the second time, of course, so I can make a second ginormous on the NM thread.

11/28/2009 18:34

I saw it on Saturdayyyy!
I just about died every time Kiowa (AKA Embry) and Charlie (AKA Demetri) came up haha. :)


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