I know, you're going, "WTF is that title supposed to mean?" well it means that Chaos gave her human the name of Neo, like to guy from the Matrix (or like those weird pets, you decide). Also, we have a new member,  Sheila Delucci, who I've yet to meet but shall soon. We finally found out what happened to the original human, Bob; as it turns out he was sacrificed to some of William Beckett's fangirls when Nina and Lidia stole the tour bus of The Academy Is... AND WE FINALLY KNOW WHERE THE HECK THE HOUSE IS!!! We are located in the Cascade Mt Range, just south of Mt Hood. Alesio further tourtured Haley by gluing fake leaves in her mouth and Ronnie and Carlotta rubbed hot peppers on Haley's hands while she was sleeping, so the juice got in her eyes when she rubbed them when she woke up, and Alesio knocked out half Haley's teeth with a hammer. Alesio, Rosa, Ronnie, Chaos, Maria and myself went hunting for a man for Alesio at some ice cream places, we managed to find a hottie named Chase who makes icecream, who we drugged and are expecting to awaken sometime tommorrow. More later.

-A.L. Sabina

P.S. Please check your pages and make sure they are up to date, meaning it has all your powers, cars ect. And if you want to send me a link to a picture of your car or pet go ahead, I finally figured out the linking on this site.


01/31/2009 21:40

Aggghh, the lex stopped working for me, whats going on?

02/01/2009 11:48

oh, and I knocked half of Haley's teeth out with a hammer :-)

The Boss...
02/01/2009 16:14

How crap do you people manage some 30 freaking pages while I'm asleep/reading very interesting books!?!?!?!?
*goes to read.....*


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