I'd forgotten we had this blog until I had to get on Weebly for a class and was like "HEY I ALREADY HAVE A WEEBLY" and then "shoot wtf is my password even oh heck" and then I had to hunt through the forums for it and now I'm  here

anyways hi people who may or may not read this in the future checking the site out of sheer nostalgia it's me, Viola.

Lidia is still alive and kicking, as I've posted about on the old threads, which it seems no one has bothered to check. I'm still in contact with Lucia's mun (er, player), Maria's mun, Queenie's mun, Rosa's mun, and Gio's mun, although no one them are particularly active in any sort of role playing sense anymore. Lidia can be found at setmyclocksearly.tumblr.com though, if you want to bother her; her askbox is opening and ready to listen to anons who may or may not be old friends! If you want to reach out to old members I know, contact me there, tell me who you are and I'll see if they remember you and still want to talk (we likely do; we all get hit with crippling bouts of nostalgia periodically).

If you're reading this in the future: hi, we miss you, and thanks for the memories (they taste like you only sweeter) (yes I just did that) (no I haven't changed).