Urgh, I know this is super duper late. Sorry.
Not that we've been doing a whole lot anyways, just a massive party in Disneyland. The Tower of Terror and California Screamin' seem to be the family favorites, both have been ridden on about 50 times. Each. And certain people were screaming so loud you could hear them in The Magic Kingdom (those rides are in California Adventure, for those confused people I know are going to question that. Different park.) Queenie got temporarily lost and somehow ended up in a storage closet in the bowels (not the intestine kind!) of the Tower of Terror. Never fear, Gio and Lidia saved her, without being caught (thanks to Lid's ninja skills). We still have a few more rides to go on (*coughcough* STAR WARS! *cough, covers blog in Purell to make sure no one catches my cold*), and then the Disney trip should be done. After that, who knows what we