Ahoy, mateys! Today, September 19th, be International Talk Like A Pirate Day! I, as The Pirate Captain, declare that everyone shall speak in Pirate-ese when not in character! However, its perfectly okeydokey to have your charrie talk pirate too. But don't say okeydokey. Pirates don't say okeydokey, its simply not pirate-y.
Suggestions to celebrate ITLAD:
1. Help commandeer the CSI set and film a pirate detective sequence.
2. Kill all the zombie pirates attacking the CSI set.
3. Visit the Talk Like A Pirate Day website.
4. Find some interesting phrases to say on this Uncyclopdia article, or use this Pirate Dictionary.
5. Change your Facebook page to Pirate.
6. Invade various threads and jabber away in Pirate-ese about rum and Tortuga and Davy Jones and the awesomeness that is Jack Sparrow.
7. Watch lots of Spongebob episodes involving The Flying Dutchman.
8. Have a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon.
9. Translate "Yo Ho Yo Ho Its a Pirate Life For Me!" into German and sing it at the Oktoberfest, to stay true to the spirit of both celebrations.
10. Dress up and talk like a pirate all day!
Or any other ideas ye can think of, provided they're properly pirate-y.
Thanks to Phantom Planet for the blog title. :D

So the Mafia has finally left the house and gone on their road trip down to California. It took a bit, and a lot of arguing over what to listen to for the 8 hours it took to get down there. Now we are currently based in a posh hotel in Santa Monica as we check out the CSI:NY set, which is located in California. Once everyone's explored to their hearts content (invading the CSI thread in "Lights Camera Action!") we'll head off to Disneyland and the other theme parks and tourist spots in the LA area, because you can't go to Cali without going to Disney. We might make a pit stop on Hunnington Beach to do some water activities when no ones around and stalk various celebraties. *dances*
On another note, most people are all for Gio (David) writing a fanfic about the Mafia going to school somewhere in the Mansion area. If you and your charrie would like to be included, PM him a small bio describing your charrie to a stranger, and any other details and questions you might have.
Sorry this is uber late, I've been uber busy lately. Thus all the uber drama and use of the word uber that hasn't been posted yet. (Thanks be to Gio for the blog.)

All right, so let’s get it out of the way- Gio and Al are not on friendly terms at the moment. The latter came to tell Gio to go “get Queenie” even though he still loves her; Gio reacted negatively to this information, insisting Queenie was not some prize to be won, and practically demanding Al to let his feelings for her go. Al refused, and they got into a bit of an argument but Gio left before anything really happened.

Monica has been roaming the nearby forests in her wolf form, clutching her “shiny” in her mouth. Before she could figure out what it was, she was spotted by a chimera- which was promptly dispatched by an angry Gio. She tried to get his attention, but he called her “reckless” and left her alone. Now she’s very sad and still trying to figure out how to get back to the mansion.

Meanwhile, Lidia has had it up to here with the testosterone-fueled drama. She and several others are hoping to take that unofficial tour of the CSI: New York set, thinking it will help defuse the tension. Maybe it’s just mansion fever? Whatever it is, we are in serious need of a vacation.