Annnnnnnnnnd now it's been well over a month since we last updated. That's fantastic. *sarcasm hand is raised*
For the last months news, the plane carrying the Mafia to Spain has finally landed in Spain. The girls had fun flirting with the hot, spicy scented Spanish boys who were apparently hired to be on the plane just for them, but that sounds a lot like a certain other occupation we shan't speak of. However, we're going to ignore that. Moving on, Lidia is getting Feline settled in the Lego Fort since Monica decided to make herself scarce. Feline's starting to trust people, but Lid would rather have everyone (most especially Dexter) stay away, though that won't be hard because pretty much everyone is in Spain. Queenie was watching Lid curiously for a while, but has since wandered off. Dexter returned home from his family reunioning and is probably going to be rather distressed over the state of his garden. Also, don't be too weirded out- Lid just learned a lot of new swear words, so feel free to ignore anything she says that you don't understand unless she yells at you.
I dare say that's pretty much everything for Mafia life, sooo...

WARNING: Do not talk about Mockingjay until Viola gets her copy from Emma. Once she gets it, talk about it all you want on our thread, cuz I'll finish it in a couple hours. However, please otherwise abide by the Sept. 1st rule on the HG thread. First rule of Mockingjay is don't talk about Mockingjay!

That's all. Pip pip, cheerio, and all that jazz.

(PS: I can see Vurky's email! Bwahahaha stalker time! XD)