New blog!
Yesterday the girls (and Gio) went shopping, but not for clothes. We made a trip to the Non-Veggie Vamp Cafe to purchase ourselves a new human (yes, it sounds weird to anyone not of the familia- don't let your siblings read this!). After some speculation and choruses of "Oh, Lidia, can we get this one, he's so cute!" like we were in a pet shop (oh wait, we were)...(techincally) we came away with one Dexter Peeta the Blood Frosted Gardening Boy- his title comes of the requirements that he bakes bloody food and is named Dexter for Queenie , looks like Peeta and makes frosting for Lidia, and at Gio's suggestion cares for Lid's orchard *eye roll* Thus, the newest member of the familia is born. Ish. he was already born, we just bought him... Um, yeah. Maria also brought home a new friend, named Danny Biscuit. She just couldn't stand to leave him to be eaten by some vamp who needed someone to take out angst on. Demitri is debating on whether or not he likes him, and Lidia thinks it will eventually blossom into a friendship tighter than William Beckett's skinny jeans (which is not physically possible.) Next, the familia will be accompanying Ab to go rescue Medea, wherever she is. After that, most of us will be taking a road trip to California, in most cases to make an "illegal" (We'll pull some strings) visit to the set of CSI:NY, which is not filmed in NY, but Cali.
In the mean time, we need to be working on making Al angry/annoyed enough to spontaneously combust into the were-unicorn we all know he is.
There is soooo much drama going on in the Mansion right now Lidia thinks she might puke, thus the post title (Thanks Gio!). Really, its just painful. Giovanni and Al may or may not have a giant death match over Queenie, but right now its playing out exactly like Eclipse. So long as we never end up with any mutant demon spawn babies though, Lid's okay. Gio has loved Queenie since... a very long time, before she lost her memory (Yay Queenivanni!). TBA if she still remembers being with him. Al, on the other hand, very recently decided he liked her too and intended to pursue her whilst acting like a gigantic pooheaded arsefaced teenager with his first crush. After "trying to rip off" (el smoochie) Queenie, he's been stomping around the Mansion and destorying a good part of the hazelnut orchard. Methinketh he needs a time out. In the mean time, people are attempting to contain their pukeishness and search for Monica's missing sun-immunity potion. Lidia would also like to know if anyone would volunteer to eat her soccer camp coach so she doesn't get any more sunburns. Medea is also missing and Ab's a bit frantic. We'd know more if they were ever on, but as their not, the Triangle of Shippiness is a bit more of a problem (Really, please, I thought we were done with Eclipse until the movie!)
Hehe, its still slow, but time for a new blog.
Queenie's back! We held a small party for her in celebration of her mostly restored memory, which ended up in a small pillow fight, the girls vs. Gio. Maria ordered a bunch of Swiss blood filled eclaires as a welcome home present, and Gio made the traditional buffet of breakfasty goodness. Al decided Axe smelled good and sprayed himself liberally with it, hoping to impress *hinthintwinkwink*. We all need to remember, now that she's back, not to hug Queenie if you like your power, although it is a bit hard when she doesn't remember it herself. We'll be doing some extra bubbly things soon to help get her memory back.
And that's it, I think...
Time for another one, although there's still not a lot to report. Queenie is spending time at St. Mungo's, undergoing memory treatment, with a rahter bothersome also-vampire room mate. Fun for her. Roxy and Gio are still absent, but a rather large amount of paintings arrived for Gio. Maria put them up in his room. Everyone else has been lolling about the Mansion in a state of extreme boredom, except Lidia. She lost herself and is currently stuck in the Abyss of Forgotten SKITS, staying as far away as possible from the Pit of Discarded Characters, where Mike and Aro are having a whipped cream party. *shudders* Depending on the good will of Stephenie Meyer, Lidia should be out soon, and hopefully as sane as she ever was. THat seems to be all that's happened... its so incredibly slow, I need new similes for its slowness!