High time for a new blog!

Business: First- remember the Mod/Admin Appreciation party on the 18th of July. I still need RSVPs from a lot of people, unless you also happen to belong to another and team and are going with them. Then you should tell me so I don't bug you (or forget to) about it. We also still have to go shopping for formal wear, and people want to shop anyways. Gio still owes Roxy some, methinketh. Second- The Lexicon City thread has a brilliant idea, of having a new thread where people of every team can congergate. The thread will be in the form of a large city (Valdecuor, means city of night blood???) on a large island (Lexicalia) devoted to various Twilight related paraphanelia. There, is has been proposed (and I approved) that the Mafia will be in charge of the "shadier" dealings of the city, such as selling sugar (like crack, but sugar, like Andy's addiction) and the ensuing pie fights in the streets over who gets the last jar of Nutella, and assisting The Boss... in kidnapping certain prominent and good looking werewolves. Things of that sort, whatever you can think of. What say ye, familia? I expect comments!