Ello, familia!

Sab here, just letting you know I'm overhauling the site so don't be alarmed if something isn't working of it looks different.

I should be done by tommorrow.

*edit* Oooorrrrrrr, TODAY!
Took a lot less time than I thought, then again I started out with some really EXTREME idea, realized how much work they would be, and threw them out the window.


Late edit by Lidia: In the mean time, everyone... TO THE BEACH! As in the Florida thread. A piece of Oregon coast has been transplanted there, for no reason whatsoever.

EDIT EDIT: Tonight (tonight being Friday night) we shall be leaving Florida and returning to the mansion. The Floridans need their own thread, and ours is feeling rather neglected. Once we get back home, most people will be going shopping for their formal-wear for APPC's Mod/Admin Appreciation Party (to be held on the Mod/Admin Appreciation thread on July 18th, so we have about a month to get ready). Make sure you PM me (Lidia) to RSVP for the party. The invintation is posted on our thread by midnight_sun and on practically every other thread as well.


Overdue, again. Remind me more often, okay? Or make stuff happen! Just don't get crazy, like Logan.

News: We got the antidote. Finally. Like Andy's rescue, it took us forever and a day to get together and move our arses, but eventually Frankie, Rosa, Queenie, Lidia and Dart trapped, pinned, "sat upon" and took the antidote from Talon. Lidia and Queenie apparated back to the house, whereupon mixing it with Gio's favorite type of blood gave him the antidote. And he's mostly all better now, yay! Talon was left alive (for the most part) to give a parting message of Lidia's to Silias. Contents unknown. In other news, Scarlett may have some slight mental issues concerning strange flashbacks to her childhood that give her random pretty. odd. spaz moments. Beware. And it seems Cosimo might need a visit from the Grammar Stick of Doom soon if he doesn't start typing properly again. Where's Chaos been to keep him under control?

And that's the end... Until next (hopefully not) week! (Remind me to post these more often, and they'll show up more!)


New blog. I"M SORRY!

News: Cosimo has joined the the fandom of Cobra Starship. Lidia is most pleased, except she went all fangirly squealing over how amazingly awesome Gabe Saporta is. A pie fight almost ensued, but Lidia had to leave so it died. Sad. Voodoo Donuts are still the most amazing thing on the planet. The doors-being-broken-and-the-house-randomly-invaded-by-Cosimo's-hallucinations issue has been resolved rather decidedly. Lidia installed new doors. They're now holograph-doors backed by force fields. The kitchen and game room doors are moiton senored. The front door requires a "key." Basically they're silver accessories- bracelets, rings, whatever people want. They cannot be removed once put in place. Inside them is a small infrared device that signals the door as to who is entering. Once close to the door, the fields will lower themselves to let you pass- though what everyone will "see" is a door that automatically opens and closes. It is all scientifically possible. In other news, Chaos is no longer US! Dart has decided to make a book fort in the game room, and everyone likes to pick random books out. Maybe we should play book Jenga! The Mafia telepathy has been explained, due to Cosimo's misunderstanding of it's workings. It's basically an extension of Lidia's power. You can project thoughts into others minds, but only what you want them to hear and only if they let you in. You should not be able to hear everyone in the house's doings, because that would be rather embarassing.

Bad News: We have a situation. Currently, Gio is writhing in pain. He was outside, practicing with the twins, when he was attacked by Talon of the Bermuda coven. Talon's intentions are unknow, but the apparently vampire-cuttable blade he uses was coated with poison, which, like venom, causes an intense firey pain, like changing, and also uses up all of the blood in a vampires system, much like a second changing, as Gio is experiencing. This poison is an invention of Silias's, and Talon has the antidote to it. A party is being sent to retrieve the antidote, and in the mean time, all we can do is hope Gio survives long enough.


Time for a new one (considering the 19+ comments on the old one) and yes I know this is five days late but oh well.

News: On Saturday, Lidia, Sab, Alesio, Maria, and Rosa went on a shopping trip to IKEA, mainly to get Sab a new bed. Apparently the "werechinchillas" broke it. And the lawn gnaomes left some shredded jeans of Frankie's in the library. Rosa and Maria ran home after a while, but Lidia, Sab and Alesio fell asleep there, then played hide and seek inside it. Alesio scared Lidia by pretending to be a zombie, and very nearly had her head torn off. Lid is extremely prepared for the zombie apocaplypse, people. Don't pretend to be a zombie, ever. As a warning to all, Chaos's uber paranoid mother will be observing her conversations on the Mafia with us, so if she ever gives a "U.S." alert, please be as normal and non-creepy as possible. (<And happy late birthday to Chaos!) And apparently we gained another n00d, named Jin, and a friend (?) of Lucian's. Dart thouroughly enjoys the mansion's massive library, and means to add to it. The water weirds can communicate mind to mind, and have been attempting to do so with Gio, but its not working out very well. Scarlett is stil out of the mansion working out her boyfriend situation with The Boss..., which may take a while. Roxy may need some new models soon to try on new outifts, since Gio's had his fill. Anyone else care for pants with flames on them? The Queenivanni situation also seems to be mending as well, very good. Lidia layed out the details of the security surrounding the mansion (cameras, walls and an anti-vampire magnetic field) after Cosimo decided things were getting boring and one of his infamous "mysterious knocks on the door" occured, beraking the front and kitchen doors, again. The front, kitchen and game room doors are going to be replaced by some crazy thing Lidia is busy planning. She may be taking a short trip to Ireland to talk to an old friend about building them. Gio's new banner is rather amusing, especially the 'stache. Cookies are a good way to bribe people. So are living hopping chocolate bunnies. And that seems to be it for now...


Thanks be to Gio for the new blog!

Good news: Andy (Fianda) has been rescued.
Bad news: Andy (Fianda) has been rescued. Be sure to store any sugar you might possess in the safest place you can imagine- possibly another dimension.
Now, for the most excellent news: Sab is back! Hallelujah! Welcome home, Sabina. And judging by her posts, she does indeed understand what a “glomp” is. Frankie even came out of his self-imposed seclusion to welcome her back, and the pair promptly disappeared (to their bedroom *hint hint wink wink*) for a long while.
And- let’s get this over with- it’s painfully clear that Gio and Roxy are spending quality time together. Which is a bit confusing for poor Queenie- “Aren’t they just friends?” The pair has promised to, uh, tone it down. Gio even soundproofed his room and studio.
Scarlett has an entourage following her around the mansion. Or should I say, had an entourage. First there was Saul, who beat her, then got ripped to bits and lit up like a bonfire. Now his ghost follows her around. Then there’s WAR, who has a thing for controlling her mind. Finally there’s James, who despite his declarations of being married with a family was much too involved with Scarlett (even tried flirting with Roxy) for the famiglia’s comfort. Then there was the whole “WAR cut James up like a filet o’fish” deal. After Gio’s Borvo sustained and Queenie’s magic healed him (and he then paraded WAR around like a puppet on strings), Chaos laid down the (Cosimo’s) law and James was sent packing. And now Scarlett is depressed.
Speaking of which, a lot of things happened in the kitchen. First, Queenie was able to find out (one speculates through the help of a pensieve) that she has a cousin, even having a vision of her. No word yet on whether she plans to find this cousin or not.
Maria has suffered from… something. A very distraught Demetri brought her quite unconscious form downstairs, where the famiglia tried to feed her blood. After much research, Demetri speculates that someone was in her body- spirit possession or similar. She seems to have recovered, somewhat- she’s still a bit dark in the eyes, but Demetri is tending to her every need. She certainly is acting like the Maria of old. Or is “acting” the operative word..?
Meanwhile, the rest of the famiglia seems to be content with living their daily lives. Well, the three children seem totally content- about to be, for all intents and purposes, four years old this month. Except for Kylan’s “I am a wolf!” phase… Chaos still complains about being invisible to everyone else. Cosimo almost started a kitchen fire (for someone who deals with explosives, you’d think he would have just a bit more respect for fire. Rosa and Gio took care of it though) and kisses Chaos every chance he gets- whether she’s in wolf-form or not. Alesio dropped by to say hi and have something to eat. Alice and Ronnie both made brief appearances and muttered something about hunting serial killers. Sly Gabby was there, too.
And we have yet another newbie- Gino Dartino, whom Sab rechristened “Dart” because “Gino” and “Gio” are just too close to each other. (Seriously. What is up with that?) His arrival sparked a movement of sorts in the mansion: Lucian moved from the 8th to the 4th floor, apparently in a misguided attempt to get some distance from Rin. Rin and company apparently didn’t get the message, for they moved from the 8th to the 4th floor, too. Now Roxy has floormates- but would it be a good thing or a bad thing? Lastly, Sab had a conniption because Gino dared to have something called an Ultimate Aero TT. He’s relinquished it to make peace with her. Good decision on Gino’s part- now we’ll see what else he can do.