High time for a blog.

News: We finally went and rescued Andy! Took us long enough... So, after much procrastination, we finally managed to move our butts off the couches and fly down in a private jet to Nevis, where we swam/sailed/skimmed to the Bermuda's Island. Andy broke out of her cave-cell as we distracted Silias and the rest of the coven. Silias also hates Lidia with passion, and they got into an epic battle which Lidia was too lazy to type out (Chaos copied her idea too) Medea, Ab, Chaos, Rosa and Gio joined her, fighting the various members of the coven in their own epic battles. After having fun beating the crap out of them and making sure Andy was okay, Lidia called everyone off and distracted the Bermudas so everyone got off the island safely. Roxy revealed hitherto unknown piloting skills and flew everyone who can't fly (not all of us have dragons...) home. Now we're just spending the day recuperating. Queenie has also found out she may actually have family still alive (<tbupdated)


Oh come on. Its only been three days since the last blog, and you're making me do another one? Heehee.

News: Saul's back, but he's a ghost. So that situation is all cool, for now. Not that anyone understands it anyways. But I swear if people start body switching.... Gio and Roxy have their own fanfic now, if people don't mind semi-dirty stuff they should go read it (The Charmer And The Painter) Gio's new friends, the water weirds (Go google them.) have been named, male- Borvo, female- Morrigan. They are very friendly and curious, and enjoy wrapping themselves around Gio like suspenders or a bra. Speaking of bras, today the girls (meaning Lidia, Roxy, Scarlett and Nic) decided to dress up the boys as our favorite aquatic superheroes and villains. Gio, Cosimo, WAR and Aaron were forced into exceedingly tight strechy pants. Gio became Mermaid Man, WAR was Barnacle Boy, Cosimo was ManRay and Aaron was the Dirty Bubble. Lidia had quite a bit of fun taking pictures, until the boys started stripping right in front of her. Apparently she has issues with mostly nekked guys (and not tight pants. Weird, yes.) The pictures will become prime blackmail against them all, in any case. Twas exceedingly hillarious for all who took part. :D Also, Andy has been kidnapped by the Bermuda Coven. Why anyone would wnat her, we don't know, but she's been missing for three days, and now its high time to act. The expedition will leave shortly.


I know, I know. Its been 6 days since the last blog, I'm sorry. Not that we've done anything, but still. Just remind me. Frequently. And I'll do it.

News: For the past few days, the familia has been in Ireland, awaiting a new thread. Roy wasn't around much, they were busy with the castlesturant. Kylan and Jamie took to catching and "eating" leprechauns in the mean time. In other news, Saul, Scarlett's ex, is now dead. Good riddance, Lidia wasn't pleased with the situation. She still isn't. Vurktoid came back for a visit, and almost got blown up by Maria and Rosa. 343 Guilty Spark needs some teleportation lessons. Course, Vurk saved himself by using the Elder Swear, which Lidia is much better at saying (she can do it in Welsh. PWN!) Then Kylan started saying it, much to Chaos's dismay (not that she doesn't swear like a sailor...). Clara and Josh are back, and starting to plan their wedding. Nic wil be here until said event happens. lIidia has aqlso decided, that since everyone wants to blow stuff up, she's going to ship everyone out to the Asteroid Belt and blow stuff up there. that'd be okay to blow up asteroids. DO NOT BLOW UP STONEHENGE! its cool, and probably used as an ancient calender to signal Imperial starships. Bwahaha. Gio brought home stuff from Ireland, two sea serpents to be exact. Currently residing in two bubbles of water that hover around him, Gio's been pouring over the library to figure out what they are. And everyone's back at home, and hopefully not permenently insane from all the green.


News O' The Day: Crazyness. Period.

The most crazy randomest stuff possible keeps on appearing at the mansion, the product of either insanely bored teenage minds or something far more sinister. Lidia is deliberating on going to ask someone about it. Its worrisome that so much stuff is slipping through the security, especially humans. They're not that smart. Starting with a random attack by Alistair, the British loner-nomad, to a vampire shape-shifter disguised as Lilly that bit Cosimo (he's okay, and perfectly happy with Chaos), to a Devil's Snare attack, to a strange human thief trying to take Queenie's wand, the weirdest stuff has been occuring. Also, Chaos and Cosimo are officially a couple.  They are very horny, so be warned of spontaneous make out sessions, but supposedly haven't been getting into the green MnM stash. Queenie and Gio still haven't made up, but we're getting there. W.A.R (Bill to everyone, except Lidia), Scarlett's ex, has joined us. He enjoys being a pretty pretty princess. And on an intensely sad note, Sabina must vacate the Mafia house for a time, due to unfortunate circumstances in real life. She hopes to be back as soon as possible, and in the mean time Lidia will be doing the blog. Poor Frankie...

We really need to think up something fun to do. Everything's been too freaky lately.


First off, I have to apologize for not updating the site more often. This is one of the things I'm not good at remembering to do. I'm sorry.

News: The familia as a whole are intensely bored, and in need of a fight. Perhaps there is a coven from the Bermuda Triangle that is particularly antagonistic to us. They could always provided a source of fun... Also, the "Volturi" have sprung up on the Lex, and for a little while they killed the Mafia thread (even though we basiccally own their thread, too). However, we all know that if we ever got in a fight with them, we would so pwn their butts. Remember, some of us may not like the VOlturi, but as a familia, we have no specific reason to fight them. Rin's brother, Lucian, joined us, as well as another n00b, Daniella. Queenie, who inadvertantly stole Roxy's persuasiive gift, tried to take Gio human hunting, and led to a small debate about the morality of such acts. Several people are getting very very tired of all the "love drama" going on between the many couples. The love club is gettng very bothersome.... For intstance, Queenievanni haven't been talking (mostly because Queenie tried to get Gio highm and then he kissed her). Gio's been slightly depressed. Cosimo's been moping like Romeo the love sick puppy, till Chaos finally started being sensitve and told him just to give her some time. Rosa remembered Blake, but we think she's mostly okay with it, especially since she has Lilly. So long as the house doesn't explode.... Lidia is being particularly cynical about all of that, but she's not feeling her best at all right now. Lana announced that she will be leaving the Mafia (leaving the Lex, in fact) and she's giving Dean to Rita, so maybe she'll stop being so pissy-depressed. All in all, not much fun curently. The only highlight is Kylan and Jamie's 3yr/3month birthday party soon. They, and Lilly, are adorable.


Blah, I really must post this more often.

News: In the aftermath of the party, no one really felt like doing anything at all. Cosimo confessed he had a bit of a crush on Chaos, but, being Chaos, it make take a while... Longer than Queenie, most likely. Speaking of Queenie, one of Gio's very old friend's has joined the Mafia. Her name is Roxy, and she and Gio have a bit of a... history together. Not that its Gio's fault, Roxy can be very charming. *coughs* Her arrival caused a bit of an awkward moment between Gio and Queenie, but they managed to get around that. Lidia thinks Queenie might actually be figuring out this "love thing" woo hoo. Simultaneously, Sabina reappeared. She's all better not, and back to our Frankie. LA Frankie had some other commitments to keep, and his hiding it wasn't a good thing for her. Needless to say, we doubt he shall be appearing on the Mafia anymore. Subject closed. Of course, this means our Donut Boy is back and happy again. LOn a happier subject, Kylan and Jamie-Drake are becoming fast BFF's, and Kylan has discovered his power. He copies powers he sees (aka: the superpower for the power hungry), and its fairly entertaining. He and Jamie played freeze tag, literally. And a rescue attempt for Scarlett is going on, as well (but we kinda need her for it, so it'll be a little while...)


The Party Thread has been found! Thanks be to Nena!!!

The party is going full steam ahead, already with lots of sugar high people. Lidia and Frankie are debating on starting a pie war, if Maria ever comes back. She'd get it. They might do one anyways. Frankie also wonders where all the colored whipped cream went, that might be fun. People are also having fun pelting Hanna Montanna with carrots, and Kylan is adorable. Soon, howver, EDC Inc decided to pull out the infamous red jello, and began bombarding the Mafia members with it. Then we began throwing pies at them, and that began The Epic Battle of Spring '09- Mafia Pies vs. Everyones Jello. Apparently EDC won, but that's just because Lidia was forced to go watch Bolt. Oh well, it was very fun, apparently "That Mafia Party was perhaps the funnest party I've been to in a LOOOONG time" (-Carrie). We should all be very proud of ourselves. Good job, people!

Oh, and Lidia would like to thank you all for the birthday wishes. They're very much appreciated. :D


Yes, good people, we got a new thread. Actually, we finished it off Wednesday, so we didn't quite make it to Friday. Oh well. The party's tomorrow! Woohoo!

News: Sab and Frankie are alive and well! Sab came on just to tell us that, and hang out for a little while.  On April Fool's Day, much chaos (not you, Chaos) and strife occured, as Rosa turned the entire first floor into Jello (people attempted to eat the furniture), including Gio's kitchen. He had to go grill hamburgers outside, oh the horrorr! Cosimo returned with Jamie-Drake, and Nic an Aaron visited, stirrup up too much drama, as usual. Oh, and the Lexicon was taken over by Kaleb the Twi-Guy (he's a Twi-blogger, the Lex Admin love him). Gio's been pulling sneak shennanigans. Certain people have issues with eating way too much sugar. Hehe, poor people with weak metabolisms.... And apparently "weird is normal here" *rolls eyes* Well duh. Oh, and torture- not cool. Things like Sharpieing people's faces and dying their hair whacky colors is okay, but maiming people, no matter how much we hate them, and they have not specifically tried to hurt us, is wrong. It makes some people rather uncomfortable, so please stop. Go back to the crazy hair thing. Its not so... painful.

Today has been rather uneventful, but the final plannig for the party (Which is TOMORROW!) needs to happen. So pip-pip, people! Lets get to it!