It seems that the chaos has all begun to settle down since the effects of Dexter's lotus flowers have worn off.

-Dexter is facing some unfortunate punishment by the hands of Lidia while Rosa watches gingerly.
-Maria and Lucia are getting ready to soak in the night life.
-Aida is still finding her place in the world of Twilight Mafia, so please! Let's all try and make her feel welcome! (What happened to our welcoming committee?)
-Monica and Queenie have ventured to Ireland for some St. Patrick's Day hunting.
-Dart has returned! Hurray for the book nerd! Does this mean we'll have to squeeze his bio somewhere here any time soon?

And a note from Queenie, SHE MISSES GIO! *sings 'Where'd you go?' by Fort Minor.

Happy Mafia-ing!

After being inspired by the new Percy Jackson movie, our good human, Dexter took the liberty of making his own Lotus flowers (laced with a fine amount of methylenedioxymethamphetamine, of course.) Since then, he's managed to convince Queenie, Monica, Al and even Lidia to have a taste while the Sober squad (Rosa, Maria, Ali, Eva and Aida) watch on warily.

The mansion, for lack of a better word, has turn into a scene pulled straight out of the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland children's book and we now await everyone to come down from their trip way up there!

In other news, some of our Mafia members have taken a strong dislike towards our newest member who seems to have more than a few tricks up her sleeves...just what could she be up to?

We'll soon find out...IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE!

Emma here.

I thought it was time to write a new blog, consider we have a new mafia member! *confetti* Let's give a warm welcome to Aida (who's a hybrid) and her bird, Nex. :)

Here are the updates:
-Lidia, Maria, Lucia, Eva and company are making no bake cookies in the kitchen...or were before Aida came in. Yum!
-Rosa is currently a black wolf pup, so give her a nice pat on the head.
-Queenie and Monica have just finished watching a movie in their long journey to discover the true meaning love...but that was quickly ended when Monica went off to try to assassinate our new member.
-Al has killed a human and fears that he will harm Dexter. (But who hasn't, really?)
-Annnnnd Dexter made some special Lotus flowers that coincidentally resemble the ones from Percy Jackson that you all should try!

Hope I covered the main points! See you at the mansion! *poof*