Lidia/Queenie/Sab neglected to do Friday's blog, so its being stuck with Saturday's.

Friday: People had an emo party, recounting their sad sad histories to each other while the non-depressed people sat around being bored. Nic confirmed her and Aaron's decision to leave the Mafia, yes, they are going, no one is going to stop them. According to Nic, its for our saftey, but from what, no one knows. Nina and Lidia had fun poking Spencer while he was asleep to make him squeak, and its still as cute as it was when he was human. (Lidia is also very happy Gio is writing another fanfic)

Saturday was apparently a pie making contest, in honor of Pi Day (3/14, pi, 3.141 something something something...) Everyone had fun in the kitchen, making what ever kinds of pies they desired, from chocolate Nutella peanut butter ones to blood pies (tasty, but gross looking). Fun mess to clean up. Most people were in and out that day (like Lidia, she went to see Wicked, and met Fiyero, who is exceedingly handsome) And everyone else ate lots of pi. Good day.


Today Lidia's blogging, until she gets a proper post from Queenie or Sab to edit this with.

And guess what we did today? Nothing. It was a lazy day as we all sat around the house. The morning started off with Gio returning from a job fixing a busted water heaters with a box of Voodoo Doughnuts, that had special blood ones for Queenie. Then he went and took an extremely long bath, fortunate that we vampires don't turn into prunes. We also found out Voodoo sells panties (shh, no one tell Frankie!) Sometime later, both Chaos and Rin announced they're going on road trips, and will be on intermittently through the next few days. Chaos asks that we don't wreak havoc on the Pack. Nina was being very random, and apparently hasn't played FOB Trail, which Lidia and Alice had a discussion about how sad they are when they kill Patrick. According to Angie, Lana's husband is temporarily... gone... it must be a whacky demon thing *shrugs* Nic is still acting weird, Lidia thinks its hormones. Apparently the Mafia is going to take over the world to ban homework. Queenie and Gio mostly ended the night testing her new bubble shield power. And.... that's about it, as far as I know...

-The Boss...


Everyone has returned from Fire Island and we are now testing Queenie's power (aka me throwing knives at her and her generating a pink bubble of protection). We were also trying to find out if it works with mental powers as well as physical powers, it appears that it does; more testing is to be done tommorrow. In the mean time Chaos found her old friend, Amae, who she brought back with her and is going to have to choose between him and Neo. Queenie took and impromtue trip to India to steal something to make Chaos feel better, which was a small golden egg, similiar to the eggs Chaos collects. Vurk teleported in on his robot, Spark (again), and smashed through several floors (again), we must put a stop to this teleporting business of his before the house turns to a pile of rubble. Queenie opened her box from Fire Island, which contained bloody ashes that a fox with a fire tipped tale was created from, so for lack of a better term a Fox Phoenix, whom she named Kingsley and says "Kingsley. King!" instead of the more traditonal "woof". Frankie showed up when nobody else was around and started dumping stuff on the floor and going through peoples junk just to see if anyone was around, it was quite funny, really. (here's the post, it's worth a laugh). We may be making an IKEA run later to spruce up the 4th floor, which NO ONE lives on. Medea and Ab were fighting each other, just out of boredom.



Gio felt the need to start something last night, that somethign being everyone trying to figure out their scents. Lana's mate, Sam, is mad because Gelo is sharing her room. Nic isn't feeling well, so she may be taking a visit to the Volturi because she thinks Marcus can figure out how to help her. Ronnie, Queenie, and Rosa were engaged in a challenge on Fire Island from Igor (guys who collects powers), where they had to kill whatever came out of a hole in the sand that they were given, and to collect a key piece from whatever they had to kill. Rosa was given a Blake clone, that had Jane's power,  to kill, Queenie a 20foot serpent with Cos's power that blinded her for a few hours, and there was also a Clara clone with Gio's power who seemed to be after everyone. A small girl, covered in blood, ended up in the skirmish, causing Queenie to have to hold her nose.

Vurk came back, and barreled through the walls, announced he changed Rosa and that somebody named Riley is after him. Then he teleported on "Spark" to Fire Island, knocked out clone Blake, and teleported Rosa back to the house.

Queenie finishes:

After keeping tabs on the trio with a device that monitered Fire Island, Chaos decided to journey to Fire Island as well to figure out what the strange black shadow in the background was. (with Gelo and Ab)

(Rin stayed behind to look for Zengetsu, who she eventually found in the woods in human form and is in an unconscious state. He is currently resting at home.)

The shadow turned out to be Chaos' old mate, Amadeus...or a clone at least. Chaos is still on the Island trying to find him.

The Familia was finally able to put together the key (with a little harmful persuading) and discovered that it was a key to a chest that Igor gave as a gift (in which Queenie has yet to open) but in the end, Igor kept his word and agreed to trade powers with Queenie. So far, we are not exactly sure what the power is other than the fact that iis a defensive one.

As for things back on the frontier, Gio, Aly and Lidia are currently fixing the damage Vurk caused this evening when he busted through several floors of the house.



Good job, Familia. We managed to breeze through about 50 pages of the thread, pushing into the 100s just a few hours ago.

A few recaps:
1) The return of our co-boss: Nina! (Edward's_stalker) she stopped by to visit the Mafia for the first time in months so welcome back, boss!
2) Knife Lana has also decided to stay after Sab and others convinced her (eh hem, having Sab sit on her also does the trick) But it was not long before Lana and Chaos bumped heads over their differences. (cats vs. Dogs and demons vs. Shadows)
3) We have a new member yet again, this time, a boy! Woohoo! Say hello to our new Familia member: Angelo! (Jigger)

Recently, it seems that we've taken up an interest in roleplaying in the mansion. (Go figure) Ranging from Star wars battles to having a game of Quidditch (which Ravenclaw and Slytherin were both tied up in, may I add!) Of course, Josh always ends up getting hurt somehow...(He was hit by one of my lasers when I was R2Queen2 and then got hit by a Bludger! Poor guy)

Currently, Queenie Ronnie and Rosa have finally ventured to Fire Island and have still not returned while the famila at home get in touch with their more homebodily sides and bake some cake. (Save some yellow cake for me!)

In real life news, Sab is getting a tattoo! Say what?


Late last night Chaos and Clara were having a starwars battle of sorts, and they made me be R2sab2 (I wanted to be Chubacka, he's fluffy), and then later in the day it seemed the most of the famila was getting in on the action, so I was just straight up confused. I managed to find our old maid/butler, Tutti Jenkins, who was stuck in limbo in my 7th floor closet; he had apparently been trying to hide from Frankie who had beaten him violently with an umbrella for touching his prized Gibson Les Paul Goldtop guitar. Queenie put a bell around his neck so we don't lose him again. Lana tried to leave us for good, but fast action on behalf of da familia resulted in her agreeing to still be a mafia member, just not around as much as usual. She should drop in from time to time, and her creepy talking cat, Tristian, is still living with us. Nic and Aaron are back from their honeymoon. Nic brought Nixon back because she doesn't trust Demetri, then Lidia knocked out Nixon and shoved him in a closet for the time being . After getting bored of Star Wars they most of the house engaged in a game of POTC, which I actually understood! Somebody said something about kidnapping Aro, which somehow lead to me telling everyone how I gave Jasper buttless chaps as a joke before, which Emmett will not let him live down.



A good breakfast is always a good way to start the day, which seems to be exactly what Gio has been trying to do lately by preparing wonderful spreads for our enjoyment this and yesterday morning. When nobody was around Rita did an impromptue redition of the Jonas Brothers "Tonight" on the table, which was quite good. Cos wants to change Ashley, which seems a little soon if you ask me (even if you don't I maintain it's a little soon). Lidia is going to attemp to kick Frankie off his Xbox while (mostly) everyone is on Fire Island, to which I say, "Good luck with that." Aro, Caius, Jane and Felix came 'round, Aro as per usual was looking for new powers to add to his collection. They were handled quite easily (after I slapped Aro, but he had it coming) and left without much hassle. Demetri has also taken up residence in the mansion for the time being, and I shall be keeping an eye on him. Frankie was MIA for a few hours, Lidia found him for me with Queenie's map in the 3rd floor purple fuzzy room. When I went to look for him I found him sitting in a chair, eating kettle corn and playing Halo. Naked. He had apparently ripped his skinny jeans (again) and forgot to put on new pants because he was engrossed in Halo. It's a good thing he's cute, otherwise he'd be just plain nuts.



Kicking off the day our favorite shirtless vamp (next to Frankie of course, but he's MINE), Gio, made a crepe breakfast buffett, complete with a topping bar that included Nutella. Queenie broke the kitchen door. Demitri was hanging around the mansion being a creepy, lurking stalker, Nic "persuaded" him to leave, she apparently did not know Maria has a thing for him, I don't see why, though, Felix is the better looking one IMO, and it's fun to shove him in closets and sit on him (long story, if I remember where that was I'll link it *edit* FOUND IT! Here you go.). Ronnie would like to his Cos with a toaster, which happens to be my personal weapon of choice, because of his GF situation, at least until he brought in his new GF, Ashley, who isn't an annoying airhead that must be taken out. Nic's acting strange, and for a bit people thought she was possibly pregnant, which she isn't, thank God. That would be too weird even for me. Queenie is planning on taking a trip to fire island with some others, also. Gio fainted at the mention of pregnancy scares (which I agree with Gabby about, we have WAY too many for vampires). Alesio was weilding MY doomstick earlier, for which I will whack her because nobody touches the doomstick but me. Lidia has a very interesting theory about "Wentz-pires" (see page 32, thread XI, first post).

That's about it, more tommorrow.



Surprisingly, the day went pretty slow today with the exception of a few major events...okay ONE major event that was highly anticipated. Drum roll please...Giovanni is back! Hurray for the Shirtless and proper English.

Nic and Aaron stopped by for a bit before getting back to their romantic honeymoon. (Oh lala) Sab is banned from her computer for...reasons "unknown". but she should be back shortly.

Demetri's visit came a bit earlier than expected when he showed up at the mansion doorstep once more to see Maria. (This of course set off fellow Familia: Rosa, Chaos, Ronnie, Queenie and others) But it seems that Maria might actually be warming up to Demetri? (What has the world come to?) However, the Familia seem more eager to stomach this possibility than that of Cosmo and Hazel...

Sab: The reasons unknown is I pushed my brother into the pool for saying something about L.A. Frankie to my mother. I ruined his cell, thankfully he works for AT&T, so he can get a new one free. I snuck on to do this.



As much as I loved our vacation resort at Gaylord Estate, its good to be back at the mansion with our 11th thread. And now, some cause and effect to continue one from yesterday.

1) Clara's pack, Dark Moon, claimed to have only had two survivors. (Clara and a fellow pack member, Alphie) Conflict broke out determining whether or not it was right for Clara to mate with Alphie in order to continue on the Dark Moon line (much to the dismay of Josh.) In the end, Nic found that there was another female wolf left, Lara. (Go figure) so hopefully the two will get together and restart the Dark Moon population.
2) Some of you may remember, Nixon, Maria's human beau who lived with us for a short period of time. Sadly, yesterday Maria decided to let him go back into the human world after he saw what was going on with Maria and Demetri. (Blanking out his mind to forget us forever) We will certainly miss him.

Rita dropped by the mansion today, taking a break from her helluva-being-chased by the Volturi. Queenie gave Rita her England version of Marauder's map to help her on her journey. This inspired Lidia, Queenie and Chaos to work on expanding Queenie's Mafia version of the Marauder's map. (Queenie and Chaos will explore the many nooks and crannys of the library tonight as Lidia modifies the map's outline.)

...And Cosimo has a new girlfriend named Hazel, who coincidentally has a similar ability to that of Queenie and Ronnie. (The familia hasn't quite warmed up to her just yet.) (Twitch)