The Mafia, and in fact all of the Team threads, are very excited for the upcoming party this Friday. Invintations have been sent out, costumes are chosen, all that needs to be done is beg of the Mods for a party thread. And then, the fun begins... For all the information, see the official invite.

Within the house, drama is brewing. Gio is becoming rather impaitent and (hehe) frustrated, waiting for Queenie's answer, which is taking longer than it should seeing as they're never in the house at the same time. The rest of the Mafia is prodding Queenie, but nothing seems to work. Time is apparently what's needed in this situation... Course, Lidia is planning something to do with a pool, and certain people falling into it.

And people have found the stash of blood food, that can always be found in a house of vampires. Funnel cakes with Blood syrup, blood ice cream, Bloodsicles and Blood Pops abound. Woohoo. Rosa gave us a bit of a scare when she found an old necklace of HWMNBNAWNBWB's, but fortunately the situation was averted. Other people don't know hte definition of "privacy". Never give Chaos Nerds, or she'll jump on everyone. and a shocker, Lidia was almost too tired to eat frosting! (she blames the zombies) We also gained a n00b, Eva. Welcome! And... I believe that's everything....


Lidia's doing her job! And making a blog post, covering everything that hasn't already been covered, which should entail the following...

 1. "He Who Must Not Be Named And Who's Name Begins With B" shall never be mentioned again, for the sake of Rosa's sanity. We wouldn't like for her to explode and hurt someone, even if its HWMNBNAWNBWB. Simply let it be known that he has left the Familia, everyone is pissed at him, and Rosa is not a happy camper. Don't talk aboot it.

2. Rin took a turn for the worse, becoming unresponsive. Zengetsu meditated upon her condition, and a white wolf appeared to him, letting him know he has the ability to help her. He learned he has control over water, and did some experimentation that resulted in discovering a method of healing using pure water. He used it on Rin, and passed out from the effort... but it was successful. They're now both recovered and quite perky again. (thanks be to Gio for that bit)

3. Demitri has proposed to Maria, and the wedding planning has begun. I don't believe there's a date yet though, as we've barely begun prep. Oh, and Chaos isn't too keen on the affair, but oh well.

4. Course, Dem-Maria isn't the only love in the air. Gio is busy trying to convince Queenie he loves her, but as she's new to hte whole "Wow, what the heck are hormones?" thing, she's... unrepsonsive. Lidia is going to have to explain some things to her...

5. Chaos seems to think her aunt has an account on here to spy on her. Most have agreed Chaos is on drugs (Skittles? Nerds? Pixie Stix?)

Umm... Am I missing anything?


Just thought I should let everyone know, the blog is on hiatus because of mine and Frankie's accident. If somebody else wants to write it be my guest, just PM it to Lidia, she can post it.



Well, Chaos apparently knows where to get zombie armies, as she informed LA Frankie very early Sunday morning, her science teacher gives her a discount. We should be very afraid. Rin made breakfast , which nobody ate, since Gio doesn't on weekends. Queenie was acting unusual, her eyes a flat, jet black instead of there normal shiny, bright red. Gio and I sent her off to hunt. Cos brought home baby Jamie-Drake, who ages 1year for every month, and can make ice. I was not allowed near him, nor was LA Frankie, apparently we are "bad influences," especially seeing as how he felt the need to tell everyone that I was cussing at the sewing machine; I shall have my revenge on him yet. Chaos shocked everyone when she said how she wanted to adopt again when Jamie-Drake is older, if you recall she's not exactly the "maternal" type.  Chase was around for a bit, providing very funny human insight into the goings on, I'm glad he's actually awake more now. We also have another noob, Natalia Gravano (aka futurevampire), Frankie's excited about that because now he is no longer the noob. The baby being half-human is making Queenie a bit uncomfortable, she was wearing a nose plug last time she was near him, but she is going to have a week to figure out what to do about that since Cos and Jamie are going to California for a week. Oh, Cos told Chaos she's pretty, I'm surprised she didn't hit him or something, instead she just got embarassed. Rosa is worried because she hasn't heard from her mate, Blake for a while. Roy of the Irish coven left, leaving Trevor and Scotty behind because Trevor has decided to stay for what appears o be permently and Scotty is undecied, he doesn't want to leave his twin but he also wants to stay with Roy.


So, since not much happened yesterday (aside from me running away because of my father and staying over at Frankie's for the night) I didn't do a blog. I'll squeeze in anything that might be interesting with todays.

Very early Friday morning Queenie was wrestling with Scotty. Gio has been acting strange and won't tell us what the heck him and Roy are talking about. After that the thread sorta died, so Chaos and I took to poking it with a stick. 

Oh yeah, Clara isn't pregnant, I had forgotten about that little scare. Then I broke the TV (again) because I was angry (which resulted in my running away, explanation
here, conclusion here). Val popped in for a bit for the first time in about 2 threads. Chaos and Elisa got a new TV to replace the one I broke, which they stole, then Elisa returned, then stole back again. Don't ask, I don't know. Later Ronnie special ordered a HUGE new TV, making the other one pointless.

THEN THE MOST AWESOMEST THING EVER HAPPENED! LA FRANKIE GOT HIS OWN ACCOUNT AND JOINED THE MAFIA! *happy spaz dance* We are all concerned what will happen when Mafia Frankie gets back, though. Hopefully there will be no Frankie wars because that would just be weird.

That's all, now quit bugging me.


Late last night Cos's GF, Kat, got into a fight with him, resulting in her leaving and me asking the question: What exactly does Cos do that makes him need a new girl every week?! Seriously, I want to know! Anyways, despite having no mother for the child, Cos is still going forward with adopting a little half-vamp boy. I don't really think it will need a mother anyways, the house is already more than half-female. Gabby and Lidia will be gone next week because of Spring break, so I'm in charge (yes!) and when I'm not around Queenie and Gio are in charge, seeing as they have been promoted to Under-Under-Bosses. The search also began for Cos's new GF (again, why?) who's name MUST be Allison. I suggested that one of us simply pose as his GF for the adoption, then he won't have to deal with killing another chick when he tires of her next week. A lot of the familia spent the better part of today in the pool just chilling out, and when I got there Gio hugged me, again. I think that makes 3 times in two days. He may think I'm about to have some kind of breakdown. Frankie stole my account, again, which I didn't know about until just now, I will have to beat him tommorrow. Amae (Chao's old friend) is finally awake, which is good because he's been out for over a week. Queenie jumped in the Irish Coven, who have hilarious accents. I wonder is they say shyte... Alice appeared to inform Maria (much to everyones shock) that Demetri is planning on proposing. Chaos broke down Maria's door upon hearing that, and she may just kill Demetri. She's not exactly his biggest fan. Oh, and in the real world (yes, it exsits) Frankie scared the Jehovah's Witnesses by convincing them he worships fruit bats and my so-called BFF showed up at my door groveling with frozen waffles (full story here)

More later,


Kicking things off to an uncomfortable start, Aly needed some girl things which she requested Queenie to get. Queenie had no idea what she was looking for so in a surprising move Gio offered to help her find them at the store. When they arrived home Queenie proceeded to dump them out on the floor, resulting in weirdness. Moving on: Gio missed cooking breakfats so now he is preparing a delicious steak dinner for da familia (extra rare, please!). Cos wants a baby with his newest gf (Kat, I believe...) and the famila so far seems receptive to the idea; just whatever happens, keep Frankie away from it, he would posion the child's mind. Elisa and myself are fighting over Felix (the name and the book character) we both want them for ourselves, so we did battle, I won. Later, after I had left some karaoke was sung, the familia is surprisingly good at it. And in the real world my so-called bff met Frankie and she insulted him, which resulted in me and her getting in a huge fight (whole story here)

More later,


Tuesday, aka St. Pattie's Day, was not very eventful, Gio installed a scanner by the front door so we don't have to deal with keys anymore, just put your hand (or paw if you're one of the wolves) on the scanner and ta-da! As well as a doggy door, that Lidia enjoyed climbing through. You're in! Cos blew up Nagini's vase, which Queenie quickly repaired before Nagini could eat anyone. Later Gio made breakfast with Irish liquor in celebration of St. Patrick's Day, which Gabby scarfed down a lot of, resulting lots of drunken behaviour from her, including dancing on the table with Rita. Gio was encouraging the behaviour by becoming bartender for the day, while he is good at it, it was not such a good idea. After Gabby's drinking got out of hand Rita and myself confiscaited all the booze and I threw it into a pile that I lit on fire, not my best idea, I accidently set Rita's clothes on fire as well... Chaos claims that St. Patrick's Day is the Irish's excuse to drink to which I say the Irish never need an excuse to drink, I should know, my dad's half of the family is half Irish and they show it well. Alesio is hoping to find her own LA Chase at the new ice cream/donut place opening by her house. We are also voting on if we shoudl ban alcohol or not. So far it seems to most people agree with banning it, I think it should be banned excapt on special occasions, like weddings, because to me it's not really a wedding until my Uncle Rick gets sauced and thinks he's a Chipendale dancer. Medea's sister dipped her phone in warm water so now it's broken, and at this minute I'm really glad I'm not her sister. Lastly, LA Frankie hijacked my account (again) but I didn't have to pour water on him (again) because he made himself look stupid by putting on my glitter eyeliner by mistake instead of the normal stuff, so all is well, lol.


First off I want to correct something, yesterday wasn't Cos' birthday, I got it wrong, sorry. But really, it was late and I was writing the blog very quickly from a laptop I had hijacked in a Dunkin Donuts, being distracted by a hot emo boy, can ya really blame me?

Now on with the blog: Gio was living up to his new title today, cooking breakfast again while Spencer (aka Duckling) was making frapps for the familia at large. Gio also started on painting my wall, but he was worried about waking Frankie, which I say doesn't really matter, you could just throw a tarp over Frankie and paint around him, I doubt he would notice. Soon after we finished the thread and were forced to invade Ireland, where there was a strange man with an Irish accent named Roy that appears to know Queenie, other than that nothing eventful happened there and we have moved on to our 12th thread, on which we began food wars *evil grin*. Lidia declared LA Frankie officially awesome (right after I told her how he stole my food and passed out in my living room), which followed with him hacking my account when I went to find something to drink, and Lidia threatening him if he isn't nice to me. That about wraps it up.



Sunday started out on a happy note with Cos' birthday (hope it was happy!). There's a newcomer, whose name is Teresa, her screenname is Renesme_Bella, that's about all I got on her. Gio made everyone breakfast, I suggest we name him Official Mafia Shirtless Breakfast Maker. Clara has the house wondering if she is preggers (God, I hope not *shudders*). Rita was singing and dancing to Jonas Brothers again, it's quite hilarious to see, really. There was another impromtue game of Starwars, then Nic left, she says for good but I am crossing my fingers that she misses us to much and returns after a vacation. And that's about it (I think) until I came crashing in from the 7th floor closet, stay even farther away from that then usual for the next few days, btw. And if I'm not around tommorrow, it's because my internet is down and I'll be waiting to get it fixed (I'm currently sitting in Dunkin Donuts using their Wi-Fi and LA Frankie's laptop, which I hijacked from him).