Overdue, again. Remind me more often, okay? Or make stuff happen! Just don't get crazy, like Logan.

News: We got the antidote. Finally. Like Andy's rescue, it took us forever and a day to get together and move our arses, but eventually Frankie, Rosa, Queenie, Lidia and Dart trapped, pinned, "sat upon" and took the antidote from Talon. Lidia and Queenie apparated back to the house, whereupon mixing it with Gio's favorite type of blood gave him the antidote. And he's mostly all better now, yay! Talon was left alive (for the most part) to give a parting message of Lidia's to Silias. Contents unknown. In other news, Scarlett may have some slight mental issues concerning strange flashbacks to her childhood that give her random pretty. odd. spaz moments. Beware. And it seems Cosimo might need a visit from the Grammar Stick of Doom soon if he doesn't start typing properly again. Where's Chaos been to keep him under control?

And that's the end... Until next (hopefully not) week! (Remind me to post these more often, and they'll show up more!)


05/20/2009 21:04

I would just like to thank everyone who helped and got involved with the whole Talon event- you guys and gals rock! ^_^

05/21/2009 01:40

oops, that was by accident
I wish i could have helped you
but i was really busy

05/21/2009 20:33

Your welcome Gio! :D IT would have been terrible to lose you.

It's great to be back with my daughter and pets. Ari almost murdered me for being gone soooooo long.

((Even though, I was on auto pilot the whole time I was there.))

05/22/2009 16:25

Hey I do not go crazy to make things happen :lol:
Well maybe a bit
and I dont know where Kay has been. I wish she would come back :(


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