Ab and Chaos, two of our newborns, quite lovely when apart, but together are annoying as heck with all their fighting. Lidia had to leave before anything could be done about it, leaving me with the authority to hurt anyone I had to, and Nic felt the need to call in the Volturi, who I promptly threw out of the house. Soon after I called a meeting, getting Chaos and Ab to finally stop fighting (for now) and Nic found out about the Volturi's past attempt to kill Frankie, whom she made apoligize to me, which they did by giving me the Holy Grail as a present. Lana turned Sam and Dean Winchester, who make mighty fine vampires if I do say so myself, as long as they refrain from kill anybody, that is. Also, somebody left Jane in Chaos' room, we are unsure as to who it was right now, but Jane has been taken back to the Volturi. And while Vurk was away, his human tried to kill herself multiple times, in the end I knocked her out with a frying pan to the head (she's fine, don't freak Vurk) then made a few additions to her face with a sharpie, dyed her hair green with bright yellow highlights, and chopped of some of it quite unevenly (okay, NOW you can freak, Vurk) she is now restrained in a stratight-jacket for her own safety. Chaos late Vampwolf, Conan, gave birth to 14 half-vampwolf puppies, so now the house is overrun with them, but they're adorable, so it's okay. More tommorrow.

-A.L. Sabina


The Boss....
01/27/2009 21:00

Chaos. Ab. If you read this...
Just seriously, stop fighting. I don't want to see you picking on each other again. Its ridiculously annoying. Can you at least be civil...?
Chaos. You live up to your name.... *sighs*

01/28/2009 08:40

*dies out laughing at poor Haley's misfortune*

and what caused her to attempt suicide in the first place, Sab? Hmmm?

02/04/2009 17:25

well we get along great now, is that better?


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