The Mafia, and in fact all of the Team threads, are very excited for the upcoming party this Friday. Invintations have been sent out, costumes are chosen, all that needs to be done is beg of the Mods for a party thread. And then, the fun begins... For all the information, see the official invite.

Within the house, drama is brewing. Gio is becoming rather impaitent and (hehe) frustrated, waiting for Queenie's answer, which is taking longer than it should seeing as they're never in the house at the same time. The rest of the Mafia is prodding Queenie, but nothing seems to work. Time is apparently what's needed in this situation... Course, Lidia is planning something to do with a pool, and certain people falling into it.

And people have found the stash of blood food, that can always be found in a house of vampires. Funnel cakes with Blood syrup, blood ice cream, Bloodsicles and Blood Pops abound. Woohoo. Rosa gave us a bit of a scare when she found an old necklace of HWMNBNAWNBWB's, but fortunately the situation was averted. Other people don't know hte definition of "privacy". Never give Chaos Nerds, or she'll jump on everyone. and a shocker, Lidia was almost too tired to eat frosting! (she blames the zombies) We also gained a n00b, Eva. Welcome! And... I believe that's everything....

3/29/2009 03:37:33 pm

Seems the house has a fairly large number of voyeurs as well... >.>

No mention of Gio's violent incident, *which is a good thing.*

3/30/2009 10:55:18 am

Wow. Seems like I've missed a lot. *sigh*

4/1/2009 08:33:12 am

somebody send me an invite or sometin cause i cant open the one in the blog! what do i have to wear?
im confused :lol:

4/2/2009 07:36:55 am

Here you go Cosimo:
[url=] Party Invite [/url]

And if this thing does not do links, just copy and past this.

4/2/2009 07:37:12 am

Where the Bosses at? I'm having breakfast-making withdrawals! ;_;

The Boss...
4/2/2009 08:50:15 am

I'm sorry Gio! You can go make pancakers or something now...
Which I can make too. My mom finally got good syrup, not hte carp lite stuff! YES! WAFFLE PARTY! (I'm very excited. I haven't had waffles in FOREVER!)


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